purification of amoeba

D. KIM dkim at NMSU.Edu
Wed Dec 23 14:05:56 EST 1998


Just a thought, but you might see if there is an electrophoretic method
for isolating amoeba from the debris.  I'd imagine if you run a current
through amoeba-containing buffer, the nucleated cells will migrate through
liquid differently than bits of junk.  This is a GUESS, but people have
reported electrophoretic methods for separating different bacteria from
each other.  I don't have any citations right now, but if you'd like I can
look around on my desk.

Daniel Kim

darren at indy.bio.uts.edu.au wrote:
: In my lab we are culturing a paramoeba sp. that causes amoebic gill disease
: in salmon. We have managed to establish flask cultures in seawater, but there
: is a lot of cell debris in the flasks, and we want to get as pure a prep of
: amoeba as possible for 2D gel electrophoresis. Does anyone have any ideas on
: a way to do this? We have tried gradient centrifugation on Ficoll but the
: debris and the amoeba stay at the same interface. we don't (unfortunately
: have any antibodies to the amoeba either.

: Thanks,

: Darren

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