Ex Vivo Expansion systems.

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Mon Dec 28 16:19:00 EST 1998

Bjorn P. wrote:
> I am looking for equipment for stem cell isolation and ex vivo expansion.
> Has to be GMP approved.
> Any suggestion?
> Bjorn P.

There was a big story last year about a co. that was sued for patent 
infringment that basically used a anti-cd34, coupled with a affinity 
system.  apparently the antibody use was already patented.  whatever it 
was they lost and are now defunct but the other co. (or wasit johns 
hopkins) is still around.  the other idea is to look into a co. called 
stem cell technologies, 18006670322 they are located in vancouver, bc if 
this phone # is not correct

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