how use ultraviolet light to sterilize?

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Thu Dec 31 02:33:36 EST 1998

YJ>In Thailand we have easy way to produce bottle drinking water
YJ>in the urban area (the province up country). By using UV from sunlight
YJ>to disinfect the normal flora in water by bring the bottle of water to stay
YJ>in sunlight for more than 12 hrs. This is the easy way to produce when there
YJ>no sterile expensive equipments.

YJ>It can kill the pathogens in water as well.

YJ>I don't think this is an acceptable way to make potable water.  Most of the 
YJ>waves from sunlight are blocked by glass.  Also the increased temp of the wa
YJ>and the available light will promote the growth of organisms including bacte
YJ>and algae.  Also parasitic cysts will be unaffected by all the above.

YJ>If chemical treatment (like chlorine or iodine) is not available then only
YJ>boiling will sterilize water.
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YJ>Microbiologists do it with culture.

Even though the theory is wrong, it may still work, at least in part.
Thailand is a tropical country and the sun may heat the water hot enough
to pasturize it. Boiling would be even better.

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