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Sun Feb 8 22:00:54 EST 1998

Increase Orders & Profits IMMEDIATELY With Impulse Sales!

Did you know...
* 125 Million people in the U.S. have 
  checking accounts?
* BUT over 70 Million of those people DO NOT 
  have a credit card?

Would YOU like to be able to accept payments from
this huge marketplace??

Then take a few minutes and learn about Checker!

Checker is...
* a revolutionary new way to accept payment via
  PHONE, FAX, or even EMAIL.  

* a complete check management system.

* designed to speed up the ordering process by
  eliminating postal service. 

* allowing businesses to appeal to a larger array
  of customers and INCREASE SALES.

* a full-featured check-printing software package
  that will allow you to take your customer's 
  that you can deposit the very same day!

* cost-effective, simple, and legal!

* being used by many companies who sell products
  or services on the Internet.

* offering customers an option if they have
  doubts about internet security and using their
  credit card online.

No more waiting to get paid. No more waiting for
that "check in the mail."


* is extremely USER-FRIENDLY!

* comes complete with a comprehensive support

* maintains a database of every check that you've

* sorts your check database 8 different ways!

* works with any INKJET or LASER printer.

* uses inexpensive check paper or the paper you 
  use every day.

* can also print your own blank checks.  No more
  expensive refills from the bank!

* runs on any Windows 3.x or Windows 95 computer.

Checker is now available for ONLY $29.95 with 

Thats right! Only $29.95 and you can RESELL this
software for the same $29.95 over and over again
to really increase your profits!

I've seen similar check management systems cost
as much as $200.00! Checker is ideal for 
individuals and businesses looking to save money!

With Checker YOU will be accepting checks and
depositing them into your account IMMEDIATELY!

SPECIAL OFFER!  If you order Checker by Wednesday, February 11, 1998,
not only will you receive Checker, you will also receive a list of
10,000 opportunity seekers, absolutely FREE!

To order, please fill out the attached form and fax to 
(217) 483-7403 with your check attached.  Please make sure to have 
your fax machine set on HIGH resolution so we can read your 
information without problem.  Please print all text neatly. 

Full Name	_____________________________________________

Street Address	_____________________________________________

City, St, Zip	_____________________________________________

Phone Number	_____________________________________________

Email Address	_____________________________________________

Name and Phone	_____________________________________________
Number of 	
Financial	_____________________________________________

Qty  ________ Checker Check Management Software @ $29.95

     ________ Please check here if you ordered on or before 2/11/98
	      to receive your FREE 10,000 OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS LIST!

TOTAL 	_____________________

Signature _______________________________________ (required for fulfillment)

By signing this form, you agree to pay the amount shown on this form 
and give permission to have this check cashed for the amount shown.  
You agree to pay a $30 fee if your check is returned for insufficient 
funds.   Please attach completed, signed check below.  Please make 
check payable to SuccessAddress Marketing (SAIMS).  By ordering this package,
you agree that SAIMS holds NO liability for the use or misuse of this 
software, or any damage incurred (physical or data) while using this
software.  SAIMS offers no refund on this package.  SAIMS offers no 
refunds or guarantees on the opportunity seekers list.  By ordering
the opportunity seekers list, you agree that SAIMS holds NO liability
for results of your advertising with this list, or any damage incurred
or related to using the list.

If you wish to mail your order in, please mail your check with this
form to SuccessAddress Marketing, PO Box 302, Chatham, IL 62629
postmarked NO LATER than Tuesday, February 10, 1998.

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