native 2 D electrophoresis of plasma proteins

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Wed Feb 11 12:21:20 EST 1998


We're a group working on identification of metal - protein binding. In
the past we mainly used chromatography for separation of metalloproteins
in various tissues and body fluids. Now we've decided to give native 2 D
electrophoresis a try. As 2D has much higher resolving power than protein
chromatography. Could anybody out there provide us with a protocol for
native 2 D electropho- resis of plasma proteins ? We're using the
Multiphor System of Amershan-Pharmacia-Biotech. For the moment we're
especially interrested in the identification of cis-platinum proteins.

Jurgen De Kimpe and Sonnke Lustig
dekimpe at or soennke.lustig at

Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Sciences,
University of Ghent, Proeftuinstraat 86, Ghent, East-Flanders, Belgium
tel: 0032(0)92646624 or 0032(0)92646603

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