Need info re: SV40 small t antigen

Aldrich Dixon Tan Ong adixon at
Sat Feb 14 20:54:42 EST 1998

I need help in finding out if SV40 small t antigen is involved in cell 
adhesion or to signalling events that would affect adhesion.  Any input 
would be much appreciated.  Does anyone know if it's involved with focal 
contacts (adhesion plaques)?  I have a paper that says that it could 
substitute for TNF-alpha or serum and stimulate PKC-zeta. (Sontag et al, 
1997.  EMBO Journal 16(18) 5662-5671.  Does it mean that it's like 
TNF-alpha in this regards only?  I seem to recall that TNF-alpha can 
upregulate ICAM-1 expression.  Please help..I need this information 
urgently.  Thank you for responding in advance.

Aldrich Ong

The absence of evidence is not evidence for absence.

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