Serum substitute for chondrocyte culture

Marco Radice radice at
Wed Feb 18 13:35:34 EST 1998

Hallo netters.

I am trying to eliminate FCS and other animal/human sera from my
chondrocytes cultures.

Then I am actually evaluating various vendors which sell serum
substitutes or even serum-free media.

Unfortunately, none of them has a specific formulation for chondrocytes
(and I did expect so). The question is has anyone heard or experienced
a  similar problem and has hints for me?

Plus, I would like also to eliminate P/S antibiotic with gentamicin, but
what is the best concentration for the latter?

Thank you in advance. 
Marco Radice, MS
Institute of Histology & Embryology - University of Padova 
viale G. Colombo, 3 - I-35121 - Padova (ITALY)
fax ++39-49-8276079

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