Stephen C. Dahl stebby at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu
Fri Feb 20 02:10:44 EST 1998

Helen Ritchie (H.Ritchie at cchs.usyd.edu.au) wrote:
: How can I clean old immersion oil off my slides so that I can 
: photograph them ?

I have always used chloroform and a ton of cotton-tipped applicators.
Work in the hood (duh!) wet the applicator and wave it in the air to
evaporate excess.  Then, with a rolling motion, (so that unsullied cotton
is continuously being presented to the surface) swipe the coverslip.
Use only one swipe per applicator or you'll just be making a mess.  Figure
on 5 or 6 applicators per 18x18 coverslip.  Best results are obtained if
you gently dab the immersion oil spot with a tissue first before
proceding.  Be patient.  There is a subtle art to this, believe it or not.

Good luck,

Steve Dahl

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