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Thu Feb 19 16:07:30 EST 1998

Dear Amber,

Aaron Hood schrieb in Nachricht <34EB9819.CD30ED31 at>...
>Can anyone tell me why a fruit fly has only 4 chromosomes and yeast has
>13?  You would think the fly is a more complex creature and therefore
>needs more chromosomes.  If you can help I would be grateful!
>Amber Gaston
There is no correlation between chromosome number and evolutionary
development of organisms. This might be due to chromosome breakages
resulting in a vast amount of tiny little "minichromosomes".
On the other hand, not even total genome length and "complexity" of
organisms is correlated. That is due to the fact, that non-coding or
repetitatory sequences make a more or less great part of DNA mass.

Evolution teaches us this way, that "higher" is not the same than bigger...

Have a nixe day


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