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Grant Fuergutz gfuergut at KAMLOOPS.NET
Sat Feb 21 17:05:10 EST 1998

What if you could start your own, SIMPLE, LUCRATIVE, LEGIT, VERY AFFORDAB=
internet business for $35 - ONCE?  Would YOU?

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This exciting new program is called "Express On Line" and here are 6
excellent reasons why you should consider starting this immediately.

1) YOU GET an affordable business. Cost: $35 =96 ONCE!

2) YOU GET "moderate" returns =96 up to $696 every TWO WEEKS (OR MORE)!!!

3) YOU GET "substantial" tax benefits for having your own home-based
business (save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year). Free report
available for the asking.

4) YOU GET a business that is not time consuming =96 this can be easily d=
in your spare time (of course, how big and how fast your business grows i=
s a
direct result of your time and energy input).

5) YOU GET "complete" upline support including:
a) your OWN, free website.
b) prewritten, marketing and follow up letters.
c) tips for marketing on-line and off-line ("how" to do this and be

6) Added bonus =96 reduced or eliminated long distance costs (personal an=


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NOTE: I take this business VERY seriously, therefore, let me know right a=
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Conversely, if you=92re not interested, please let me know so I can take =
name off my list and you won=92t be bothered again.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response. Take care!

GMF Group
Grant Fuergutz, President & CEO

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