What If....?

John jvh100 at york.ac.uk
Sun Feb 22 11:25:20 EST 1998

On 21 Feb 1998, Grant Fuergutz wrote:

> What if you could start your own, SIMPLE, LUCRATIVE, LEGIT, VERY AFFORDAB=
> LE
> internet business for $35 - ONCE?  Would YOU?
If i was interested in starting my own business, it would be somewher i'm
likely to actually sell my goods not somewhere where most of my customers
are actually unlikely to look for me!

> You have been carefully selected to receive the following as a person
> interested in this subject based upon your previous internet postings,

BOLLOCKS!!! you're just flood mailing the newsgroup!!! hardly selective is

> response to ads, or visits to one of our affiliate web sites. We do NOT s=
> end
> bulk e-mail to addresses culled from Internet and on-line services,

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry i misunderstood, thats why you didn't really
send to this news group then. this msg is a figment of my imagination!

> rather to people known to be committed to finding unique, exciting, and
> serious business programs. 

And people who have no interest in it whatsoever.

If you have received this message in error,
THAts not supposed to be your excuse for this shit is it?

> please accept our apology. 

I'd rather not thank you.

If you would prefer not to receive this
> information, instructions for removal are at the bottom of this message.
> Please take a minute to see if this can be of help to you first. Thank yo=
> u!
> This exciting new program is called "Express On Line" and here are 0
> excellent reasons why you should consider starting this immediately.
> 1) YOU GET an affordable business. Cost: $35 =96 ONCE!
plus phone charges plus connection charges, etc for net connections

> 2) YOU GET "moderate" returns =96 up to $696 every TWO WEEKS (OR MORE)!!!
moderate means small in the english language!!!!

> 3) YOU GET "substantial" tax benefits for having your own home-based
> business (save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year). Free report
> available for the asking.

BUt doesn't mean you will earn enough to make it worthwhile having!!!

> 4) YOU GET a business that is not time consuming =96 this can be easily d=
> one
> in your spare time (of course, how big and how fast your business grows i=
> s a
> direct result of your time and energy input).

then it's just  a pastime really then isn't it? 

> 5) YOU GET "complete" upline support including:
> a) your OWN, free website.

WOW !!!! i have one already, + free internet access, plus the ability to
advertise my sevices on it if i so wish!!!  but of course, yours would be
much better wouldn't it?

 > b) prewritten, marketing and follow up letters.

fresh off my printer which cost me nothing!

> c) tips for marketing on-line and off-line ("how" to do this and be
you mean marketing management skills? mmmmm those sevices can also be free
if you know where to look, try casdecs marketing pack, it's brilliant.

> 6) Added bonus =96 reduced or eliminated long distance costs (personal an=
> d
> business).
plus free postage services included? i can get that!


How about deleting the rest of this annoying shit like i just did?

how about stopping sending this stuff to newsgroups while you're at it and
leave us to read useful mails assholes.


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