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Tue Feb 24 20:06:29 EST 1998

Snermie wrote:

> Hello. I am a 9th grader in Ohio. In Biology we have an assignment and mine
> happens to be on contractile vacuoles. The question i must answer is : What is
> their importance??? well , to go along w/this assignment we are making a web
> page. I need some info on contractile vacuoles. please help me out!!
> thanx!!
> Snermie at

A contractile vacuole is a membrane bound organelle that is used to regulate the
amount of water in a cell.  For example the Perimecium caudatum have a few
contractile vacuoles.  Mostly contractile vacuoles are usefull for an organism
when their in a hypotonic solution.  When the P. caudatum are in hypotonic
solution, they often empty their vacuole, to keep from exploding.  This can also
be termed a homeostatic mechanism.  Look in your bio. book for more info.   Or
search for the P. caudatum and you will find more information and pictures.

Corey Philipp
Albion College, Michigan

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