less emphasis on hard thinking---logic isnt always going to give you the answers

Michael Dorsett Onken mdonken at artsci.wustl.edu
Wed Feb 25 14:43:00 EST 1998

Sean (biostorm at biostorm.com) wrote:
: Logic can comprehend only those things that have a consistent and
: non-contradictory nature.  There is a fine line except that most of life is
: ambiguous: inconsistency and contradiction are the hallmarks of human
: existence.  As a result, the number of things thtat can be thought about in
: a logical manner is small, and an overemphasis on the logical method can
: inhibit your thinking at times.

If you see a world of inconsistency and contradiction, you're using the
wrong reference frame for your arguments.  Most things in our lives that
may seem contradictory at the most superficial levels are actually quite
logical once you examine them thoroughly.  Logic is merely the application
of the most fundamental rules of existence to problem solving.  What may
seem illogical to a distant observer is actually quite logical (to the
point of being prosaic) to a closer observer.


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