less emphasis on hard thinking---logic isnt always going to give you the answers

Cindy Gustafson-Brown cgb at BIOMAIL.UCSD.EDU
Wed Feb 25 16:49:31 EST 1998

Did you arrive at this conclusion using...logic?

Are you trying to convince us, using...*reason*, that your statement is...True?

Your statement sounds decidedly like a *logical argument,* in which case it
is self-contradictory.

>Logic can comprehend only those things that have a consistent and
>non-contradictory nature.  There is a fine line except that most of life is
>ambiguous: inconsistency and contradiction are the hallmarks of human
>existence.  As a result, the number of things thtat can be thought about in
>a logical manner is small, and an overemphasis on the logical method can
>inhibit your thinking at times.

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