Ask for advice on the incubator used in tissue culture!

Donald J. Fauss fauss at ITSA.UCSF.EDU
Thu Feb 26 14:10:04 EST 1998

You need to add Roccal 10% to the water in the pan. It has a tertiary
ammonium compound in it. One warning though, only add about 10 drops per
gallon of water. If you read the label on the bottle, most people think
they need to add a couple ml but this is way too much and it will harm the
cells (when you open the door you can smell it). Roccal should be added in
a similar concentration to the water in your water bath that you use to
warm your culture media. This will cut down on it but fungus infections are
always a problem. Bacterial and yeast infections are from bad technique.
Fungus just happens.

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