Ask for advice on the incubator used in tissue culture!

Lin Lin tluo at
Wed Feb 25 23:14:34 EST 1998

Recently, fungus contamination is going crazy in our lab.  We are trying to
figure out why, because this didn't happen before.  As far as we can
remember, this disaster started since we began to keep one pan of water in
the incubator.  We know, fungi love water and warm temperature, wherever
this is offered, they will grow happily.  We also know that, humidity is
highly recommended by the culture of cells, even they can grow well without
water.  People before us in this lab did not put water in the incubator,
and their cells were fine, except sometimes they dried up if given too
little medium.  Can you give us any idea?
Thank you for your time!
A victim of fungi

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