delta-pI of single phosphate incorp into peptide?

Darren Tyson tysondr.nospam at
Thu Feb 26 16:09:26 EST 1998


I'm trying to analyze phosphorylated proteolytic peptide fragments by
isoelectric focusing.  My question is what would the change in pI be
if a single phosphate was incorporated?  Would it depend on the rest
of the peptide sequence?  (I can't remember how pI is calculated.)

Mainly I want to be able to distinguish among one, two, three, etc.
phosphates incorporated into a single peptide fragment.  Is this
possible by IEF or do I need to sequence radiolabeled fragments
looking for 32P incorporation onto individual residues?

Any help would be greatly appreciated?



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Cell and Molecular Biology Program
Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO
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