ADV: Networking - The Facts !

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Fri Feb 27 15:20:49 EST 1998

If you want to succeed in Network Marketing, you need to know the 
facts about the industry and how to truly survive the "Plunk and 
Burn" scam artists that this industry is known for.

"Plunk and Burn" vs "Enroll and Train"

Everyone has enrolled into a program only to find out that the person 
that enrolled them suddenly disappeared after enrollment. Has this 
happened to you? 

This is what we call "Plunk and Burn." - Plunk as many people into a 
program as you can and get a lot of enrollments. This type of 
strategy creates high attrition because those who are enrolled are not 
properly trained and experience "burnout." They feel abandoned and 
lose interest in the program and drop out after a few months. I 
guarantee you that if you employ this strategy, your genealogy report 
will look like a Wal-Mart store. (Many people coming through the 
"enter" door and many people going through the "exit" door.)

"Enroll and Train" This strategy is one of the best kept secrets in 
networking. Here is how it works:

Enroll only a few people yourself into a program. Work very closely 
with them. Give them all the opportunity to succeed. Their success is 
your success. If you teach them how to succeed, you will plant the 
seed that will give you a massive downline and residual income for 

By this time you are wondering what the catch is or why I have sent 
you this E-mail. I will be honest with you. I am looking for true 
leaders to "Enroll and Train." I am looking for people who want to 
work free leads, people who want to be part of a team effort and best 
of all, succeed. 

If you have tried and failed at networking before or think that it 
just doesn't work, I would like to talk to you. I would like to show 
you a different way and I want to help you. Our group is rapidly 
becoming the talk of the industry. We hear from people who have never 
succeeded in networking before who are making this work. It is not 
only financially rewarding, it is the team effort and satisfaction of 
knowing you are helping others succeed as well. One of our team 
members is one of the biggest infomercial celebrities of all times. 
He has often stated "Help make others successful and your success 
will follow." These are the words we build on.

If you want to be part of what will be the largest and most lucrative 
downline ever built, e-mail us and let's talk. We will do it with 
concrete support and training.

Reply with "The Facts" in your subject line.

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