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DENVER  --  DataMerge, Inc., a Denver-based developer of software and
information for companies seeking financing, today announced the release
of VentureTrack 2000, a software package containing extensive profiles
and proprietary "insider" information on hundreds of venture capital
firms throughout North America.

The VentureTrack 2000 CD-ROM Infobase gives entrepreneurs and small
business owners "insider" information, education and advice critical to 
establishing business relationships with specific venture capitalists
and securing financing from them.  The software lets users find the
firms that optimally fit their needs by identifying links between their
company and the interests of the venture capitalists.

VentureTrack 2000's "Inside Track" section then instructs users on
custom tailoring their business plan and presentation to each venture
capital firm.  Specific questions, concerns and objections that a given
firm will likely raise and good responses for each are also provided to
VentureTrack 2000 users.  

Information contained in the profiles was gathered by finance savvy
investigative reporters who used techniques adapted from the
intelligence community.   The information is exclusive to VentureTrack
2000 and is not available in competing products.  It includes:

*Insight into the firm's most likely areas of interest;

*Personal/individual preferences of principals;

*Best methods of approach and specific things to say or not say to a
particular individual;

*Investment philosophies and strategies based on past experiences;

*Firm background, working atmosphere and relationships;

*Case studies of investments that best represent their investment

*Inside advice/scoop from companies each VC firm has previously

*Information from DataMerge's customer "grapevine"; 

*Key contacts by project type and procedure for internal review;

*Portfolio investment overview.
In addition to the eight- to 12-page profiles of each venture capital
firm, VentureTrack 2000 includes an on-line tutor and venture industry
knowledgebase called VentureAdvisor, which was developed with extensive 
input from venture capital principals.  The total package is designed to
give users proprietary "insider" information and insight into the
venture capital industry, which historically were closely guarded 
secrets of a few well-placed individuals.

In addition to small business people, DataMerge CEO Spencer Kluesner
says venture capital firms themselves have shown strong interest in 
VentureTrack 2000 because they want to gather competitive intelligence
on their rivals. 

VentureTrack 2000 supports Windows 95 and Windows NT.  The time-limited
introductory price is $495.  VentureTrack 2000 can be ordered by calling
(800) 580-1188.   

Privately-held DataMerge was founded in 1989 by Spencer Kluesner, a
former securities advisor who today serves as chief executive officer of
the 26-person company.  DataMerge's products are sold directly to
customers in the North America, Western Europe and Asia.  Additional
information can be obtained at DataMerge's website:

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