Sat Jan 3 15:44:11 EST 1998

Hi, Elizabeth:

I am Zhinan, an instructor at Harvard Medical School.
I think apoptosis is good field to work because it related to many diseases. It is a potentially productive field. Good luck to you!

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Subject: looking-for-links
Author:  "ELIZABETH L. TENORIO" <betchay at manila-online.net> at HMS-Internet
Date:    1/2/98 3:18 PM

I'm a biochem graduate student about to start on my thesis work.
At present, I am considering apoptosis and signal transduction as possible
topics for research and I would like to correspond with people who are
engaged in or are planning to conduct research on related fields. 

Your ideas will be very much appreciated and all inquiries will be
entertained (really!).

My e-mail address is betchay at manila-online.net  .  

Thank you for finding time to read this message.

Elizabeth L. Tenorio 


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