Monitoring Sphingosine Level

Incheol Shin icshin at
Fri Jan 9 20:19:41 EST 1998

  I'm trying to examine the intracellular sphingonsine level
after treating the [3H]-serine labeled cells with some agonists.
Since serine is a precursor for sphingolipids (Sphingomyelin,
ceramide, sphingosine etc) and there is a report that sphingomyelin
and ceramide level could be monitored from [3H]-serine labeled cells,
I think it is possible to separate [3H]-sphingosine from [3H]-serine labeled cells by lipid extraction and subsequent thin layer chromatography.
  But to my knowledge, all the papers regarding the sphingosine level 
use the method of monitoring sphingosine level by treating the cell
extracts with [3H]-acetyl anhydride, converting sphingosine into
[3H]-ceramide and measuring [3H]-ceramide level. 
  Since we already have [3H]-serine, we'd like to measure the intracellular
sphingosine level without [3H]-acetyl anhydride. Could it be possible
to monitor sphingosine content from [3H]-serine labeled cells ?
Any of your kind suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Incheol Shin, Ph.D.
Dept. of Biochemistry, College of Medicine
Hanyang Univ. Seoul, Korea


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