Lab Safety-HELP

Mr. Joseph F. Merola VPHM54B at
Wed Jan 14 23:00:40 EST 1998

Hi!  I am an undergraduate biology student and I have just started 
working as a lab assistant in a research lab.  I am extremely 
interested in research and science, but I wasn't expecting to be around 

so many dangerous substances.  I was hoping a researcher could put in 
to perspective for me the risks of working with such substances as 
Ethidium Bromide and certain radioactive amino acids/nucleotides, 
etc...  I am also working with live animals, specifically mice, and am 
concerned about that as well.  I'm sure that the lab can't be as 
dangerous as it appears to me now, but it seems that exposure to many 
of these things is inevitable and I'd like to know how researchers feel 

and what precautions are taken to ensure safety.  After all these are 
the people of the science community and I'm sure they've considered the 

risks of their surroundings...  Does anyone have stats or can anyone 
e-mail me with info?  Thank you so very much!!!

PLEAE E-MAIL!!!!  I'll post any responses for others!

Joe in NY
(VPHM54B at

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