1D-PAGE software: freeware?

Jeff Reidler jreidler at erols.com
Tue Jan 20 04:26:11 EST 1998

ecastro at eucmax.sim.ucm.es wrote in message <1998Jan19.184716 at eucmax>...
>   A friend at the lab is now running 1D-PAGE gels....
>...NIH Image was a free software that could
>analyze tiff's files from gels and give band intensity for each protein
band or dot:

You are correct.  NIH Image can achieve this goal, free!  Check out
You can also find an suitable inexpensive camera + grabber at
http://www.scioncorp.com with capability for both normal and fluorescence
gels for $1,695 under GMS300 in both US and European formats.

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