Centripetal effect on plant question

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Wed Jan 21 14:41:51 EST 1998

        geotropism question
        Tue, 20 Jan 1998 18:01:57 -0500
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Hi! I am a high school student. Currently, I am growing corn seedlings
on a bike wheel which is rotating vertically.(by a motor) By placing the
seedlings at different distances from the center, they are exposed to
different centripetal force. But I found in my research that plants may
be affected by different gravitational force. If this is true, do you
know a formula that I can use to figure this out. Also by this
experiment, would the seedlings in the center have larger or smaller
angle(stem growth) compared to the seedlings that are at the outer edge
of the wheel? In this experiment, wouldn't the seedlings be affected by
the centripetal force?(but how does the geotropism affect this) My
experiment was based on finding the angles of these seedlings at
different location. Also is it better to test them by centripetal force
or centrifugal force(though it is fictitous)

My address is SSC at bellatlantic.net

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