Cellular chemical composition

R. Fox richfox at u.washington.edu
Sat Jan 24 12:18:35 EST 1998

 Check out "Biology", Neal Campbell 4th edition.  It is at almost every
university in the US.  It will give you a pretty good aproximation of
things like the chemical composition you are looking for.  You may want to
look at a cell biology text or perhaps "Genetic Annalysis" Anthony J.F
Griffiths. 6th edition.  

Good luck

On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Sascia wrote:

> Does sombody know how a prokaryotic cell and a mammalian cell differ in
> their chemical composition. If you were to approximate, what percentage
> (of the cell weight) of the following molecules would you think to be
> present in respectively a prokaryotic and an eukaryotic cell?
> H2O  ?%
> Proteins  ?%
> Lipids ?%
> Sugars ?%
> DNA ?%
> RNA ?%
> I could not find any extimate in any book. Good luck !!
>                         Sascia

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