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Tue Jan 27 00:38:24 EST 1998

Do professors or doctors take any management courses like organizational

behavior or learn empowerment techniques in dealing with employees?   If

they do, how come they call what others come up with their own and treat

their employees according to Theory X principles or in an autocratic

I believe there are a few basic rules to managing any business.

1. never ask only certain employees to social occasions= creates
feelings of alienation + favoritism
2. never speak a foreign language in front of an employee--> leaves
employee asking why
3. never take credit for an idea that you did not come up with on your
own-> closes the creativity door******
4. follow equity guidelines in paying employees
5. stick to reward guidelines-> if an employee works hard and
accomplishes things, reward them do not belittle them.
6. work as hard as you would like to have people work for you
    ( example: One coming into work at 10:00 a.m. and leaving at
    If you put in 75% of your effort, your employees will put in 50%.
    If you put in 100% of your effort, your employees will put in 110%.

7. follow the Herzberg's and Maslow's studies
8. if they do something beyond belief (in a positive manner) reward them

Here is an example of an incident.  An employee was going to do the
right thing and was halted because the informal supervisor thought she
knew better.  A -80 C freezer had never had its filter cleaned so the
compressor would not be taxed because of it. A new employee-who knew how

appliances work
because his family repaired and sold refrigerators and freezers-was
going to open the front panel to clean the clogged filter.  The employee

was stopped by his informal supervisor.  The employee explained that the

filter needed cleaning out because the compressors need  to get air
return.  The employee was yelled at and reprimanded.  The employee did
not disagree with the supervisor because she was a close friend to the
boss and frequently went out with
him and his family. After a couple of days, the second stage compressor
failed costing the lab many hours and worries.

Do you think the employee will ever bring something up again?
If he or she comes up with a novel idea, do you think he or she would
share it?
Do you think this is employee empowerment in action?

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