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Tue Jan 27 12:24:04 EST 1998

Steve and Nicole Alcorn (salcorn at avalon.net) wrote:
: something important

I have worked in six different labs to date, and have many friends working
in many more.  I, personally, have never been in a lab with the problems
you are discussing.  In all of the labs I've worked, everyone has been
reponsible for maintain laboratory equipment, and many of us have had to
learn new trades, like refrigerator or vacuum pump repair, in order to
keep our labs running.  Two people I've worked with have actually gone
into business repairing equipment for other labs!  Similarly, we have been
responsible for our projects, and have been rewarded with authorships on
papers to which we've contributed.  Sure, there is politicking in the lab,
just as there is in any business, but most PI's (principal investigators)
don't get where they are unless people are willing to work hard for them,
i.e. people CHOOSE to work with them.  There are instances of PI's who
don't play nice, but when their names are brought up, words like "slimy",
"psychotic", "ignorant", "M.D." are used, and most people have little
respect for their work, so no one stays in their lab long enough to
complete a project and submit to a journal.  My advise is find a better

(sorry about the MD shot, I couldn't help myself)


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