Cross-Linked Molecular Weight Markers

Marc Domanus mhdoman at
Fri Jul 3 13:44:33 EST 1998

Does anyone know of a high molecular weight protein marker for use with
SDS-PAGE that has a range around  100,000-500,00 Da?

     I have tried Sigma's phosphorylase b cross-linked rabbit marker
(P8906) and followed the recommended protocol.  I am only able to see
the 97,400 monomer; however, the dimer which should contain 28% overall
intensity, for lot#105H9400, is not visible.

     Has anyone had luck with Sigma's phosphorylase b marker? If so,
which lot number was used and were any changes made to Sigma's
recommended protocol?  For example, I have been unable to get the
majority of the protein into solution.  Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help.

Marc Domanus
mhdoman at

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