Dennison dennison at
Tue Jul 14 04:30:00 EST 1998

> Shayne Woodward (Shayne_Woodward at wrote:
> : Does anyone know of analogs or other molecules that serve the same
> : function as electron acceptors/donors such as NAD/NADH, whether natural
> : or synthetic?

The closest I can think of in this regard is methylene blue, though
whether it can directly replace NAD/NADH, I don't know.
As far as I know, NAD/NADH only works as an electron acceptor/donor in
association with the enzyme protein (NADH won't activate a cysteine
proteinase, for example, whereas reducing agents such as DTT, cysteine,
etc. will).  This suggests that to get a synthetic to do the same job as
NAD/NADH, it may have to fit the enzyme in the same way.

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