SCIENCE-WEEK: June 26, 1998 Issue Now Available

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The June 26, 1998 issue of SCIENCE-WEEK is now available
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Contents as follows:

June 26, 1998
1. On Science, Politics, and Asteroids
2. Evolution of Cosmic Structure: Largest Simulation to Date
3. An Argument for a Lightweight Universe
4. Connection Topology: Dynamics of "Small-World" Networks
5. On the Thermodynamic Hypothesis of Protein Folding
6. On the Neurobiology of Depression
7. Environmental Pollution: Frog Deformities and Human Hazard
8. Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistance 1994-1997
9. Low Level Asbestos Exposure: Dangerous or Not Dangerous?
10. Wetterhahn Laboratory Poisoning Case: Final Medical Report


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