Advanced inverted microscopes

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Wed Jul 29 05:33:22 EST 1998


I use Leica DMIRB routinely for phase contrast/BF and sometimes for
Fluorescence applications. I have also used Olympus microscopes and Leica
is better than Olympus. (Illumination, optics and software). Atleast in
India Leica post-sale-service is far better than Olympus...another major
consideration. My Institute has recently bought another DMIRBE (with
confocal attachments) after a very critical evaluation of all available
systems (biorad/zeiss/olympus/leica/ and a Japaneese co.). 
So, I would reccomend Lieca. ( NO AFFILIATION).


On 29 Jul 1998, Alexander Demin wrote:

> Our lab is about to buy an advanced inverted microscope to use it with =
> fluorescence immedeately and, later with the confocal accessory. =
> Currently there are two offers, one from Leica and another from Olympus. =
>  our work requires high magnification at fluorescent =
> mode (100x) in living cells. Both companies claim that their microscopes =
> can afford this. Could anybody comment the quality of Leica's DMIRB/E =
> and Olympus IX70? Which one is better in these critical applications? =
> Which has better optics? Which is more conviniet for fluorescence?
> Alexnder Kolesnikov, PhD,=20

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