Any mailing list as Science-Week?

Randall C Willis willis at
Thu Jul 30 09:06:27 EST 1998

Jeremias Galletti wrote:
> I've been subscribed to Science-Week for a month. Unfortunately,
> this is the last month this e-zine is distributed freely. From this
> August, we'll have to pay for it.
> Do you know of any other mailing list or e-zine with a summary of
> the latest scientific findings? I don't care whether they are brief or
> detailed. I'd like to get a listing of the latest discoveries, in order to
> keep up-to-date. Then I can investigate further from there.


Check out SciNews-MedNews at

Their information is totally up to date (and in some cases embargoed)
unlike Science-Week which I found to be weeks or months behind the


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