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You owe it to yourself and your associates to take a few minutes 
to read through this extraordinary offer....

The below Marketing Package is available for immediate download.
All software is fully functional, and not shareware.  It is
available for you to use to market YOUR online business...

1.The Most  Powerful 32 bit multi-threading Mailing Software Available 
   (many versions available) Value $1500+
2. The Most Powerful multi-threading email address Harvesting 
   Software Available.  (many versions available)  value $1000+

3.Targetted Mail Lists pre-cleaned against a Global Remove List.

4.Entry into a Password Protected Site, where all software now
  available may be downloaded.  This also allows future entry
  so that any additional tools or upgrades later added are also
  available at no cost....

5.A detailed Help File to guide you, no matter how new you are
  to Internet Marketing, into the successful use of these tools.

6.And much more not listed above.

All of the above is fully functional, ready to use.  You can be 
up and running in a single day.    

It may seem unbelievable, but I am not asking you to pay  
anything for this tried and proven package of marketing 
software and tools. You are welcome to use them to Market 
your current Business.


                   The Catch

I am bundling this package together with an exciting, life 
enriching organization dedicated to empowering you towards a 
richer, fuller, more satisfying terms of personal 
well being and financial independence.

This business does cost money to enter, but has a firm and
honest money back guarantee. In addition, if you are serious,
there are also members of my downline (already using the above
software) I can introduce you to.


It is our feeling this is an offer second to none. With the
MBG and the Package of support, you have no risk and a very 
real chance of making serious money with dedication and
effort. Don't let the chain letter scams fool you. Hard work
goes before big earnings in any legal enterprise.

The real difference between us and our competition is that we
supply you with all the tools you need to build your business.
Our marketing philosophy  is based, not on taking 
from others, but on "giving" to others.  Can you think of any other 
support team that gives its new members such a package of tools 
right from the start? I haven't found one, and believe me 
I have searched.

In addition to being given this package for your personal use...


That's right. Think how easy it is to build YOUR OWN BUSINESS with 
such a powerful draw card. And this package is growing all the time. 
We are continuously seeking to improve it by adding new 
software, upgrades, additional fresh addresses, etc...

"You can get anything you want out of life if you just help enough 
other people get what they want." 

     -- Zig Ziglar 

 Please use the below link if you are wish further information.
However, before we  send you the full details and specifics of our 
offer we would greatly appreciate a short reply describing your 
personal goals and reasons for wanting to set up a home-based 
business so that we can best support you at a personal level.

Please, click below when you are ready to respond:

mailto:marketing at$18

P.S.  Due to the overwhelming response to our offer, we are only able
to accommodate a limited number of suitable individuals. Our decision 
is based upon your personal reply as requested above. Thank you in 
advance for your time and effort!              

P.S.S  If you wish to be personally contacted, members of our Team
     (all using the Package described above) are available to 
     give you a call.  Just include your phone contact details
     in body of your reply.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for the time you have spent
considering our proposal. I look forward to hearing from you in the 
near future.

Wishing you all
the good you
ever desired,

M Team

This is a free offer, not UCE or Spam.  If however, this offer 
has disturbed you and you wish to be  removed from this and 
future offers of this type, please:
    mailto:remove at

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