non-toxic fluorescent dye

a. florentino aeuropa at
Thu Jun 4 23:20:48 EST 1998

Jack Daniel Borgeson wrote:
> I am looking for a non-toxic fluorescent dye which excites around 488 nm
> and emits above 500nm.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

What would you need it for?  And by non-toxic, do you mean to the cell? 
 There are a lot of viable stains - for example, Rhodamine 123 stains 
mitochondria of live cells, and its excitation is about 485nm; 
emission is around 520, I think (I use 510 long pass and 530DF30 with 
the confocal microscope).

You can also look into the homepage of Molecular Dynamics.  They have a 
pretty extensive line of dyes.  I talked to their tech support, and 
they're pretty helpful, too.


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