DNA purification.

Ludidi P p at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 5 10:13:46 EST 1998

   I always use the Qiagen gel extraction kit to purify linearised vectors, but
 the Geneclean kit should work just as well. 
How did you test the loss of the 'ligating activity' ?
Was your vector cleaved with one or two enzymes i.e are the ends complementary?

> Hi there:
>         I am trying to purify some linearized bands from agarose gels
>         with GeneClean ( from Bio101 ) but everytime I try it the
vector        lose
> it4s ligating activity. I have made several trials to           ensure
that the
> trouble is with the GeneClean.
>         Does anyone use any other way to band purification from
agarose         gels?
> Any suggestion?
>         Yours sincerelly,
>                         Oskar


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