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If you can see that the explosive growth of the Internet
holds tremendous earning potential, then this is your
chance to take action and capture income from it for

Over 40 million people are connected to the Internet
today, with expectations of over 100 million users by the
end of the century. Electronic Commerce on the Internet
is estimated to grow to $327 Billion by 2003. The
worldwide market for phone service is projected to be over
$2 Trillion, and deregulation of electric utilities in the US
will open up a $250 Billion market.

Let us show you how you can offer the consumer a
savings, and create a lucrative on-going income.
Because this is a Internet-based business, there are
virtually no geographic boundaries to limit your growth.

If you can see the potential here, and if you want more
information, I urge you to contact us. Call toll free:


Leave your name, area code and phone number, 
with the best time to reach you.

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