aging of individual cells

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: In search for mechanisms of cell aging I found only articles and reviews
: that were related to cell aging in context of the aging-phenomen of the
: entire organism. So these textes are dealing with matters like
: telomer-shortening, (Mito)DNA-deletion etc-
: Instead of this I´m searching for answers to questions like:
: Why does a gut epithelium cell live shorter than a liver cell?
: What are the mechanisms in aging of one single liver (epithelium, etc.)
: cell in both the young child and the old man?
: Why (=How) are elderly erythrocytes detected to be removed from blood?

Apoptosis (the second P is silent), or programmed cell death, is
responsible for the the shortened lifespan of epithelial cells.  The
molecular cues for RBC clearance are known (unfortunately not by me) and
involve altered proteins on the external face of the plasma membrane.
Apoptosis is a VERY popular subject of much research, mostly because
removing the apoptotic controls of a cell "immortalize" it, sending it
down the path to cancer.

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