Preparation of mouse chromosomes for FISH mapping

Lauréane Mittaz Laureane.Mittaz at
Wed Jun 24 09:38:02 EST 1998

Dear Bionet readers,

We are trying to map a mouse gene using the FISH technique, but we don't
know how to prepare mouse cells to get good slides of metaphase spreads.
What is the best and easiest way ?????? We tried to culture mouse white
blood cells directly from blood, like it is done for human cells
prepared for FISH, but it seems that the mouse red blood cells did
lysate, and nothing grew afterwards... It seems that it is possible to
prepare slides from a whole range of different cell types (spleen cells,
ES cells, fibroblasts, etc.), but we haven't found a good and "easy"
protocole yet !

Thanks in advance for all your answers!!!

Laureane Mittaz

Genetique Medicale
1, Rue Michel-Servet
1211 Geneva 4

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