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and the hassle of recovering them.  the bad check writer pays for the
are paid weekly, 100% face value of your check  by eft each friday.
check collect is a service we provide to all small businesses that receive
check out http://www.touch-link.com/checkcollect.html for all
collection of his/her bad check.
electronic debiting of nsf returned checks is now "free"to all of our new customers
for this service. rebates available.
good morning,
information about your checks can retrieved at anytime. our daily/weekly
of the information.  or call 314-928-7667 press 3 follow the menu.
our recovery rate is 75%, we average 11 days or sooner, all recovered checks
personal checks for their product or service. check collect electronically
recovers nsf returned checks through the ach network. (automated clearing house)
reports are available by email or demand fax daily. there is no charge
small businesses finally don't have to worry about nst returned checks
small businesses....free electonic nsf check recovery with a rebate
touch-link communications message center 314-994-5480



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