Used lab equipment???

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Wed Mar 4 02:26:47 EST 1998

Just thought you might like to try the largest used equipment medium in the
world, ; there are thousands of used instruments listed
there by hundreds of labs, dealers and manufacturers.  And an Absolute
LabAuction - with bidding starting at zero dollars and no hidden reserve bids
- if you bid a dollar, and your bid is the high bid, you get the item.

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100000 at>,
  "R. Fox" <richfox at> wrote:
> A while back there were some postings about used lab equipment for sale.
> I thought I saved the notice but didn't.  Could someone forward that info
> to me if they have it available.  Our research group is looking at
> possibly obtaining some equipment and if we could get it used and in good
> condition it would be a great help.
> Thanks
> Richard Fox

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