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I noticed you market stuff on the Internet. We have a package of Internet Links that will give you the following:

Where to download registration codes for Sonic, Netcontact, Rapid Fire Mail Server and Stealth Mass Mailer
Links to 1000 places to advertise your site for FREE
How to find SMTP servers that don't show your ISP when doing bulk email
Where to find a website containing over 35 million updated email addresses for you to download
How to direct people to your website using voice mail
Where to get free websites to market your products
Where to find discussion forums, letting you advertise easily
Where to find listservers with over 100,000 subscribers
How to start your own electronic newsletter, and get it promoted for free
Where to find patch programs unlocking your favorite software programs
Where to get FREE banners for your website
24 FREE ezines where you can learn marketing strategies and promote your business
Promote your business to hundreds of Internet Warriors every day for $2 per month

What's all this worth? If you just wanted to download the patch programs for the software mentioned above, you would get about $1500 worth of software for free. This stuff is publicly available, you just need to know where to find it! Here's what this software does:

Sonic: Collect thousands of email addresses per hour from websites based on your desired key words.
Netcontact: Harvest email addresses by the thousands from newsgroups and compile them into databases.
Rapid Fire Mail Server: Turn your computer into a mail server, sending up to 50,000 emails per hour.
Stealth Mass Mailer: Send out mass email without your ISP knowing you are doing it.

If you are trying to market anything on the net, you will benefit many times over. Our strategies for bulk email make it unecessary to use a bulk ISP. We'll teach you how to find "Open Relay" servers that don't reflect your ISP.

If you are looking for effective ways to market your website, you'll find links to a wealth of resources where you can actively promote your business without using bulk email. You can send messages to discussion groups that are read by over 100,000 Internet users. You can post messages to specialized forums that have a religious following (unlike newsgroups). You can get a weekly dose of marketing expertise for free by subscribing to the various electronic magazines "ezines". Some of these publications even let you post ads for free.

If you want to exchange banners with other websites, we'll show you where you can get banners made for FREE! These "mini-billboards" will make it easy to promote your website through other websites.

What's all this cost? A measly $20. That's it. You will get a disk containing all the information mentioned, including hyperlinks to the specific websites. It's like getting a month's worth of research for $20. If you can't profit by using this information, go get a real job and stop messing around on the Internet!

To Order, send $20 (Check, Money Order or Cash) to:

Internet Marketing Consultants
POB 513 
Trevose, PA 18966 

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