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A0058Cellular Composition of Mouse Thymus after X-ray Exposure, Blomgren
H., and Révész L., Dept. of Tumor Biology, Karolinska Inst. Med. School,
Stockholm, Sweden, Exper.Cell Res., 51, 92-104, 1968.
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Putnam Memorial Hospital, Inst.for Med. Res., Bennington, Vermont, Nature,
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A0223ln Vitro Interactions of PGE and cAMP with Murine and Human Erythroid
Precursors, Rossi G.B., Migliaccio A.R., Migliaccio G., Lettieri F., Di
Rosa M., Mastroberardino G. and Peschle C., Istituto Patologia Medica and
ICHO, Univ. Naples; and Univ. Rome, Italy, Blood, 56, No.1, 74-79, July
A0224Hemin Does Not Cause Commitment of Murine Erythroleukemia (MEL) Cells
to Terminal Differentiation, Gusella J.F., Weil S.C., Tsiftsoglou A.S.,
Volloch V., Neumann J.R., Keys C. and Housman D.E., Center for Cancer Res.,
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McFarland E.C., Jackson Lab., Bar Harbor, ME, Blood, 62, No.4, 827-831 ,
October I983.
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of Ferric Iron in Hypoxia in the Mouse, Raja K.B., Pippard M.J., Simpson
R.J. and Peters T.J., Div. Clin. Cell Biol., and Section of Haem., MRC
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Description of the Disease and Successful Therapy, Peters L.L.,
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August 15th 1990.
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Normoblastosis (nb) Mutation, Peters L.L., Birkenmeier C.S. and Barker
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Stem Cells, van der Sluijs J.P., Baert M.R.M., van Beurden C.A.J. and
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Radiation and Cyclophosphamide, Valeriote F.A., Collins D.C. and Bruce
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from Multiple Schlerosis or Spongiform Encephalopathies, Brown P. and
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Human Lymphoid Cell Lines: Correlation Between an Increase in Dexamethasone
Binding During S Phase and Dexamethasone Sensitivity, Distelhorst C.W.,
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Treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infections: Assessment in a Neutropenic
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Infection, Petursson S.R., Chervenick P.A. and Wu B., Dept. Med., Univ.
Pittsburgh School of Med., Pittsburgh, and Albert Einstein Med. Center,
Virology Lab., Philadelphia, Pa., J.Lab.Clin.Med., 104, No.3, 381-390,
September 1984.
B0281Interferon-Induced Inhibition of Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis of
Colony-Stimulating Factor (CSF-1) by Murine Peritoneal Exudate Macrophages,
Chen B.D.-M., Div. Med. Oncol., Dept. Intern. Med., Wayne State Univ., and
Dept. Exp. Therapeutics, Michigan Cancer Foundation, Detroit, J.Immunol.,
136, No.1 , 174-180, January 1st 1986.
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Antigens, Dennis G.J. and Mond J.J., Dept. Med., Rheumatology Service,
Walter Reed Army Med. Center, Washington D.C.; and Dept. Med., Uniformed
Services Univ. of Health Sciences, Bethesda, Md., J.Immunol., 136, No.5,
1600-1604, March 1st 1986.
B0313Reversal of Advanced Murine Lupus in NZB/NZW F1 Mice by Treatment with
Monoclonal Antibody to L3T4, Wofsy O. and Seaman W.E., Immunol./Arthritis
Section, Vet. Admin. Med. Center and Dept. of Med. Univ. Calif., San
Francisco, J.Immunol., 138, No.10, 3247-3253, May 15th 1987.
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Cell Stimulatory Factors. II. Synergy Between Two Distinct BCGF II-Like
Factors in Promoting B Cell Differentiation, Ennist D.L., Elkins K.L.,
Cheng S.C. and Howard M., Lab. Microbial Immunity, Nat. Inst. of Allergy
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Neutrophil Migration by alpha-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone, Mason M.J.
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Albuquerque; and Baxter Healthcare Corp., Baxter Technol. Park, Round Lake,
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TX.; and Audie L. Murphy Mem. Vet. Hosp. and Clin. Immunol. Sec., San
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Induced Changes in the Distribution of Specific Cell Populations in Vivo,
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Smith S.R., Dept. of Allergy and Inflammation, Schering-Plough Corp.,
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Thymus-Independent Immune Response, Van den Eertwegh A.J.M., Fasbender
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Dept.of Immunol. and Immunohist., Erasmus Univ., Rotterdam, The
Netherlands, J.Immunol. , 147, No. 2, 439-446, 1991
B0397Selective Up-Regulation of Macrophage Function in
Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor Transgenic Mice, Elliott
M.J., Strasser A. and Metcalf D., Cancer Res. Unit, Walter and Eliza Hall
Inst. of Med. Res., Royal Melbourne Hosp., Victoria, Australia, J.Immunol.
, 147, No. 9, 2957-2963, 1991
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Mice Infected with Trichinella spiralis does not alter Parasite Burden or
Immunologic Resistance to Reinfection, Herndon F.J. and Kayes S.G., Depts.
of Microbiol. and Immunol., and Structural and Cellular Biol., Univ. of
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B0401Role of Antigen-Specific T Cell Help in the Generation of In Vivo
Antibody Responses. 1. Antigen-Specific T Cell Is Required to Generate A
Polyclonal IgG1 Response in Anti-IgD Antibody-Injected Mice, Morris S.C.,
Lees A., Inman J. and Finkelman F.D., Dept. of Med., Uniformed Services
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Reconstitution in Transplant Mice : Acceleration of Recovery of Peripheral
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D.A., Herman B. Wells Center for Ped. Res., James Whitcomb Riley Hosp. for
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Prolonged Increased Mature Blood Cell Production Induced by Granulocyte
Colony Stimulating Factor, de Haan G., Dontje B., Engel C., Loeffier M. and
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the Activity of a Range of Compounds in Mouse and Human Platelet-Rich
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Ph0281Evaluation of l-(3,4Dichlorophenyl) d-dimethy
laminomethyl-l-nonen-3-one Hydrochloride Effect on Nucleic Acid and Protein
Syntheses using Murine Leukemia L-1210 Cells, Nyathi C.B.. Gupta VA.,
Dimmock J.R., Dept. Physiol Sci. Western Coll. of Vet. Med.; Coll. of
Pharm., Univ. of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. Canada, J. Pharm. Sci, , 68 11
1383-1385 01-Nov-79
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Therapeutics Program. Div. of Cancer Treatment, Nat. Cancer Inst., Nat.
Insts. of Health, Bethesda, Md., J. Pharm. Sci, , 73 l 34-39 01-Jan-84

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