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Bankrolling the Unbankable:  Businesses Find Answers in Database of
Alternative Lending Sources http://www.datamerge.com/fin_prod/sources.html

DENVER  --  DataMerge, Inc., a Denver-based developer of software and
information for companies seeking financing, today announced the release of
Financing Sources Databank Version 7.0, a CD-ROM database of alternative
lenders and equity investors for small businesses that cannot secure
traditional bank financing.

Financing Sources Databank 7.0 profiles thousands of lenders who provide
financing based on non-traditional and less stringent qualifications.  It lets
users search beyond their local lenders and access information on lenders
across the country who may offer better rates, terms and lower fees.

The software prompts users to enter information in five areas:  type of
lender, type of financing, amount of financing, industry, and geographical
location.  The program uses that information to search the Databank and select
a list of lenders "most likely" to finance the user's business.  A profile of
each lender on the list is then displayed.  The lender profiles include
information such as whether to contact them by phone or mail, what materials
to send, expected turnaround time, and loan requirements and amounts.

Financing Sources Databank 7.0 includes information on several types of
lenders:  venture capital firms, asset-based lending firms, investment banking
firms, insurance companies, pension funds, leasing companies, and small
business investment companies.  Users can search for every type of debt and
equity financing, including venture capital and start-up financing, and
capital for expansion, commercial real estate, and mergers and acquisitions.

Version 7.0 improvements include a "cleaned" database of 10,000 lenders and
investors, which increases the quality of database searches;  enhanced lender
profiles detailing the investment criteria of many different types of
financing sources across the U.S. and Canada;  a focus on "insider"
information, which eases the user through the introduction and preliminary
review process;  and expanded help files and knowledgebase, which increase the
users' chances of success by educating them on the financing process,
financing options, financing requirements, and required documentation.

DataMerge is the only publisher of its kind to update its directories using
trained finance professionals who research a lender or investor's credentials.
Principals at DataMerge feel this is necessary to weed out the historically
large numbers of "bogus" lenders who deceive unsuspecting entrepreneurs into
paying large, non-refundable fees.

Financing Sources Databank 7.0 is available in three versions:  Entrepreneur,
which features 4,000 small business lenders for projects of $20,000 or more;
Professional, which features 10,000 lenders spanning all major categories of
debt, equity and specialty financing; and Professional Real Estate, which
features 10,000 sources plus expanded search capabilities for commercial real
estate users.

Entrepreneur costs $189, Professional costs $549, and Professional Real Estate
costs $699.  All versions support the Windows 95 and Windows NT operating
systems.  They can be ordered by calling (800) 580-1188 or sending an e-mail
to info at datamerge.com.

Privately-held DataMerge was founded in 1989 by Spencer Kluesner, a former
securities advisor who today serves as chief executive officer of the
26-person company.  DataMerge's products, which include "how to" manuals,
electronic directories and financial software, are sold directly to customers
in the North America, Western Europe and Asia.  Additional information can be
obtained at DataMerge's website:  www.datamerge.com.

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