Hippocampal Slice Culture in Roller Tube

Incheol Shin icshin at bioneer.kaist.ac.kr
Thu Mar 19 05:56:40 EST 1998

Dear researchers

I am trying to do hippocampal slice cultures using both
Milliopore membrane and roller-tube methods.
In roller-tube methods, slices are placed on coverslips
which are coated by collagen. It seems like that the slices
in roller tubes do not become monolayer compared to the
slices cultured on membrane.

My questions are

1. Why the slices in roller tubes do not get thin ?
2. Nissl staining on the slices from roller tubes look
   messy. I assume this is due to collagen on the slide glass.
   Does this mean any staining (ex. immunostaining, in situ
   hybridization) cannot be done on the slices from rollet tubes ?

Thanks in advance for any of your kind input.

Incheol Shin, Ph.D.
Dept. of Biochemistry
College of Medicine,
Hanyang Univ. Seoul, Korea


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