looking for summer internship (lab)

R. Fox richfox at u.washington.edu
Fri Mar 20 00:50:26 EST 1998

If it were me and I were looking for a lab to intern in.  I would look for
people doing research in a field that interests you.  Take a look at some
of their recent publications and decide is this what I want to do.  Then
interview them.  Lets face it you are a benefit to them as cheap if not
free labor.  When you talk with them find out if they are looking for
someone to clean glasswear or someone to do work.  As a junior you have
taken some pretty good courses.  Let the next step be a spring board.  Not
a bottomless pit as a cog in a wheel because someone is so gracious as to
offer you a position.  Go and get a position that you can be satisifed

Believe me if you know about the lab and the research in advance and went
to them after reading their most recent publication with an informed
appearance and a motivated attitude in their research you will find
yourself on the team and not in the autoclave room.

Good luck 

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