Mycoplasma infection curing ?

Jerome Freed jjfreed at
Fri Mar 20 19:33:43 EST 1998

While mycoplasma infestations in a cell culture lab may come from an
infected culture strain, one should remember that the organisms are not
capable of migrating from one culture vessel to another.  Labs that have
maintained both infested and mycoplama-free cultures over time can serve
as evidence of this.

However, mycoplasmas commonly encountered as cell culture contaminants
are found in human genital and oral tracts.  If mycoplasma contamination
occurs in a number of cell lines, one should consider "operator error".

This is not to say that serum cannot be a problem, but most vendors test
for these organisms.

(Never use the same bottle of medium to feed two different cell lines,
of course!)

Jerry Freed

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