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jessica at STAYNPLAY.COM jessica at STAYNPLAY.COM
Sun Mar 22 05:26:02 EST 1998

I sent you this note because everyone deserves to get away...  You can with StaynPlay.

The following specials are available

>>>>>> 3   d a y s   2   n i g h t s   i n   L a s   V e g a s     $ 4 9 . 9 5
>>>>>> 4   d a y s   3   n i g h t s   i n   O r l a n d o     $ 6 9 . 9 5
>>>>>> 5   d a y s   4   n i g h t s   i n   H a w a i i     $ 1 4 9 . 9 5
>>>>>> 3   d a y s   2   n i g h t s   i n   A t l a n t i c   C i t y     $ 6 9 . 9 5

These rates include accommodations for 2 adults.
You have a full year to decide when to go... so decide where to go and take advantage of these low rates while they're available at     http://www.staynplay.com

                                                                                                                 Have fun!

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