Cell Counting Slides (Hemocytometer) - Disposable

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Fast Read 10 Disposable Plastic Cell Counting Slides (Hemocytometers)

10-chamber combination counting grid and optically-clear acrylic
coverslip. It is ideal for the quantitation of particulate material in
a known volume of fluid. Applications include water and urine
analysis, cell counting, and sperm motility measurements.

Reproducible 	Each slide has a standardised depth providing accuracy
 		and precision over conventional chambers.
Quick		The chambers are ready for use, no placement of
		coverslip required, or time-consuming decontamination
		and rinse procedures.
Hygienic 	Slides can be disposed of in accordance with COSHH
	 	regulations for the sample preparation and are ideal
		 for High Risk samples.
Safe		No sharp-edged coverslip to locate over the chamber
		 before use.
Economical	10 chambers per slide.

	Product code	Quantity		Price
	BVS100		100 slides	£100
	BVS200		200 slides	£190
	BVS400		400 slides	£370

This item is now available as packs complete with 200ul yellow
micropipette tips.

FR-100 Counting slides (100) + tips (1000)  £112
FR-200 Counting slides (200) + tips (2000)  £210

A picture and further information is available at:

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Tel  01803 526556
Fax 01803 526776
email: e-mail at is-l.com

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