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georgea at MEDIACAP.COM georgea at MEDIACAP.COM
Tue Mar 24 20:20:27 EST 1998

My name is George Armstrong, recently I was at the "Check it out" site,
saw your listing and decided to send you this e-mail.

Through the responsible and intelligent use of internet technology,
I am developing a small mailing list of business people that maintain
an internet presence and currently use or might someday use
equipment leasing and financing alternatives.   I have personally
compiled a list of commercial e-mail addresses from the internet and
yours is one that I've collected.  I don't purchase lists from others 
and I don't sell my list to anyone.

I plan to send out a short newsletter from time to time.  It will contain
details about various equipment financing options available to
businesses and will include bits and pieces of information I feel would
be interesting and useful to business people in general.

I realize that not everybody wants or likes unsolicited commercial
e-mail and not everybody is interested in what I have to provide. 
I am sensitive to this and I respect the rights of others.  Therefore, if 
this message has offended you in any way please accept my sincere 
apology.  If you wish to be "removed" from  my list, please hit reply
and include "remove" in the subject line.  I will gladly and promptly
"remove" your address.

If you are interested in learning more about our company please visit
our site at  Unfortunately it is currently under
construction and will not be fully functional until March 25, 1998.

Thank you,
George Armstrong
Media Capital  ~ 800 836 7753  ext 107  or  george at

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