Mycoplasma infection curing ?

Syzygy cjpop at
Wed Mar 25 10:30:50 EST 1998

I'm not sure I agree that the infection is coming from an individual.
If this were the case I would expect bacterial and yeast infections
also to regularly present themselves.

Some years ago a lab I was working developed a persistant
contamination and the source was indeed bad calf serum. However, to
cure the problem entirely we had to first discard all and I mean all
serum of that batch, any opened bottles of basal media or additives,
glass bottles and re-usable filters even if they had been autoclaved
and finally we had to differentiate between clean and contaminated
liquid nitrogen storage dewars.

We cleaned up a number of the lines but noticed that even apparently
clean lines needed a long period of continous growth to assured that
they were truely clear, as often a low level contamination persisted.
Some cell lines were not resiliant enough to take the conditions often
required to remove the contamination.

I now work in a lab that contracts growth of particularly monoclonal
cell lines and a surprising number of "clean" lines we receive are not
when grown in media without anti-bacterial or anti-fungal agents.

If you are going to work in an environment where mycoplasma are
present, from whatever source, the rules of one cell line at a time
and do not share media between cell cultures are a must. Growth of
cultures in flasks with membrane caps is also an idea and of course
regual and reliable screening.
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